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The idea is simple: I give you things and if you find it helpful, you buy me bubble tea as a thank!

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So I'm Tooc

My name is Phuong but I'd prefer letting people call me Tooc after 9981 times seeing my name written as "Phoung" by foreigners. Tooc is my nickname called by my family and close friends and it's short for Totally out of control, which kinda describes me although my sister didn't originally mean that the moment she came up with that nickname.

More About Me

Here's what I have

I am so excited and proud of my stuff. It's really helpful with whatever you are doing.

Learning Resources

Chinese, English (mostly IELTS), Business learning materials and also some learning tips


Sample Essays

Collection from my years of writing so that you don't have to brainstorm from scratch


Cute Stuff

Friendly reminders, motivational (and sarcastic) quotes, and my messy drawings


Wall of Thanks

Thank you to the angel investors and supporters. I have been overwhelmed by the lovely messages and support I received. I’ve created a Wall of Thanks so that I can share some of these with you.

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What People Say

Some heartful messages people left me that absolutely made my day.

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